Beautiful Oil Paintings. Experience Art with Sound Effects. Unique and Immersive

Paintings on canvas show you challenging themes. Beautiful colors and natural forms. These artworks with sound have the most hypnotic and transporting power so that you will have a good adventure in multiple universes.

These high-quality fine art paintings are on sale. I made them with love, art, and passion. Invest in art paintings, contact LoveArtPassion™.  Coming soon in 2022, an NFT project mints 10K of excellently composed faces, and I will also sell ten NFTs of each of my artworks. Refer to my News page for further information and the latest updates.

Swiss Artist Christian Staebler, Chris. Founder of LoveArtPassion™

Here you see my most important paintings. Read my biography and view the art award in 1982 by the town of Bern, Switzerland.

I love to show you various art movements: Photorealism, Surrealism, Abstract, Fantastic, and Symbolism. Exciting themes focused on life, nature, and deep inside us.