Christian Staebler. Nickname Chris. Artist from Switzerland and founder of LoveArtPassion™

Oil painter, musician, photographer, writer, web and ideas developer, programmer, designer, YouTube creator, and CNN iReporter. My website shows you global and good ideas. Best oil paintings, music, videos, and stories. All artworks by Christian Staebler, Switzerland.

What always interested me: “To Be. Consciousness and Dreams”.


My oil paintings are on sale. I hope to make you interested in the themes, beauty, challenge, they pose. High-quality canvas, and colors used. I won an art award in 1982 in Bern, Switzerland. YouTube 21K subscribers.

Soon I will offer NFT sold versions of my oil paintings to buy, limited to 10 variants for each artwork.

Contact us for information about buying and owning Christian Staebler’s artwork and NFTs.

Advertise your company with our website LoveArtPassion™ This site of ours offers you software and website development. Support for artificial intelligence programs. Design of customized content and logo.

I am working with experts from India and especially a programmer in Oxford, London.

Ideas with Worldwide Impact – Global Ideas

  • Method Staeblering stops insects and saves lives worldwide. Save energy and prevents diseases and dust—no chemicals and super cheap and simple.
  • Attach and remove a hair system in seconds. You can do that multiple times before changing the tape. This homemade tape is cheap and easy to produce. No cleaning after use of the hair system is required. Preserves wig for decades.

We have many other ideas of life-changing or life-affecting themes. 

Invitation of Christian Staebler to Youtube Creator Day. YouTube bronze status, 20 000 subscribers.
YouTube Creator Day Invitation

Trailer 1:17min. Subscribe to YouTube Channel LoveArtPassion LAP. 

Art videos show the best ideas: superb paintings, music, animation, and stories.

May Love, Art, and Passion be with You.

All published ideas, art, videos, music, stories, and sound effects, were thought of and created by Christian Staebler, Switzerland.

2022 Overall of website The website is now a pleasure to visit and easy to use. It introduces you to global and good ideas and shows you the best oil paintings, music, videos, and stories.

I am thrilled to create the art for our NFT project, which is ready to be launched soon. Let’s wait for a crypto market recovery this year. 

2021 We had to postpone the development of our 80% accomplished social network because of a limited financial situation. We like to find a private investor or a capital venture to engage in our social network.

We are now excited to create an  NFT project which doesn’t need years of development like our social network. This NFT project will launch in 2022. We will mint 10 000 handmade and by a program mixed unique pictures. The exact launch date is not yet precise. Let’s wait for a crypto market recovery. Keep yourself updated by visiting our sites. This site of ours offers you to look up the performance of Cryptocurrencies and quickly find important information. Easy to use and well-designed.

2019 I had an excellent idea. Attach and remove a hair system in seconds. You can do that multiple times before changing the tape. This homemade tape is cheap and easy to produce. No cleaning after use of the hair system is required. Preserves wig for decades. You will be amazed by this life-changing experience.

New beautiful oil paintings get finished.

2018 I get the YouTube bronze award by reaching 20 000 subscribers, which is a very uplifting surprise.

YouTube Bronze Award, Christian Staebler
YouTube Bronze Award

2017 Creation of – Website and software development. Artificial intelligence. IOS and Android. Customized content: design, video, and sound. I am delighted to work with my allied Indian programmers. Better rate, the reason developers are working in a developing country.

New oil paintings get finished. Adding to my beautiful and exciting collection and themes is always lovely.

2016 I enjoy a trip to India, Bangalore, to find a top programmer. Somebody to translate my SenseSet social network prototype into the latest technology. I was happy that the coincidence played well. I found a very skilled software developer in Bangalore. He is now rewriting the source code of our new social network,™. 

I was pleased and excited to write more stories fitting the oil painting’s vibrations and themes. I wrote other suspense stories from the edge of my thoughts for 3D-Animated videos.

2015 Exhibitions – Projections of oil paintings in Vienna, Austria, PAKS Gallery. July 11 – 19 International Modern Art Fair Austria. August 14 – 30, 1st International Modern Art Austria Biennale. PAKS Gallery.

2013 CNN iReport features videos of Staeblering, a method to stop insects, in English & Spanish. This success helps to spread this idea worldwide.

I join the social websites Twitter and Facebook.

I uploaded the first video to my YouTube channel. My channel is about global and good ideas. Oil paintings as art videos with atmospheric music and sound effects. Go to my YouTube channel for a good and valuable experience.

New global and good ideas pop up in my mind. Especially staeblering to save lives and stop insects. Save energy and billions of dollars, disease prevention, especially Mal de Chagas, Dengue, Malaria, etc. Watch other good ideas about smoking, mouse pad, air-conditioning, and art videos with music on YouTube, such as c.

2008 Founding enterprise™. My love and passion for art, music, color and phantasy is my strength. A visit to LoveArtPassion gives you a good time, creative ideas, and a smile for the day.

HTML, PHP, javascript, and MySQL lessons. My studies in programming continued until 2016. All along this period, I programmed the prototype of A new and unique social network. is no longer active.

2007 Exhibition Gallery and meditation center in Bern, Switzerland.

Exhibition of my artworks. One year exposure in Art Gallery Kunst7. In Zurich, Switzerland.

2003 Moving from Switzerland to the Philippines.

1995 Company founding. Free-Art with Ueli Weidmann. 

Experience in creating intensive and beautiful digital pictures in the synthesis with photography. 

Oil painting and computer design. Production of posters and postcards with great designs and themes.

1988-2000 Different trips, and I enjoyed life in India and other Asian nations.

1987 Beautiful trips and stay in South America.

1985 Beautiful voyage and I enjoyed life in Africa. 

1982 Award for my paintings and sculptures. Switzerland, Bern. 3 June. View, Press Publication.

1981 Different exhibitions in Bern. My shown artworks are sculptures and paintings with oil, acrylic, and watercolor.

1980 Street drawings of Mandalas. This action painting was conducted in different places in Switzerland by a group of artists’ friends, painters, and musicians. Perhaps one of the first big-sized street painting actions in the world. 

1978 Teamwork with my friend. Two artists work simultaneously on one painting at a time.

1977 Yoga, oil painting, and music are moving in my life’s center. Also, spontaneous art actions, experimenting with special photographic effects.

1976 I took music lessons and was taught in Sitar in Agra, India.

1975 Photography, music, and yoga are my sources of energy. I trip from Europe to India in my teens.