Cloud Square

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Cloud Square – Formation of Clouds and Space

Cloud Square – Formation of Cloud and Space. Oil on Canvas, 1999

Artist Christian Staebler. Sold. Size 63.3 x 81.1 in = 161 x 206 cm.

Cloud square is a beautiful oil painting and one of my best designs. The blue sky and the clouds create a cubistic impression. In the center, you see a magnified atomic nucleus. The artwork mirrors the resemblance of macro- and microcosmos.

In a blue sky, fractal clouds are forming squares.

Whenever you look at clouds, you are looking at your mind. So it is easier to look at clouds. The cloud’s ever-changing appearance can materialize all that appears in your mind. Look at the picture for a while to see changing squares.

Formation of Clouds and Space. Cloud Square

Vast blue sky with cloud square fractal, see a new blue creation in the world, look at the sky. The forms of clouds are ever-changing. Your mind resembles a mirror; you project and vision new creatures and life in the clouds. Is our mind borrowed or an accumulation of thoughts and behavior? A blue mind is empty; that’s the element of air transcendence, which lets you reach the clouds and change the ever-changing. Dive inside the sky, reset yourself and forget your life form in an ever-changing cloud appearance. You are sailing through your life, comparable to a cloud in the blue sky.

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