aeon, big bang, eternal, time, infinity, begin of time, evolution
Aeon – Psychedelia Experience

Aeon – Psychedelia Experience. Oil on Canvas, 1983

Artist Christian Staebler. Available. Price Negotiable. Size 39.4 x 39.4 in = 100 x 100 cm.

Aeon and Big Bang are synonyms. The end of times marks a new beginning. The creation of the beauty of life, cruelty, complete extinction, and recreation. This artwork is a visionary oil painting of ever-evolving forms of life. How did it all begin? The end of time was always the source of a new start.

Psychedelia Experience – Aeon

The time is unfolding. See Buddha, evil, atomic bomb, woman nude, skull, titanic, yin and yang, and all integral landscapes evolving and disappearing, ultimately forming a multi-dimensional world.

Look at the picture for a while to appreciate the always new adventures your mind can take. Let you drift away in the endless forms of creation.

In Infinite Cycles with Endless Time Dimensions, the Aeon Evolves

The evolution theory is correct, but from another point of view, all creation happens simultaneously, as you see in the painting. In an infinite small space-time, there is no time. Time is only a perception of us and of the physics which are constant in the world.

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