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Creation – Living Organism

Creation – Living Organism. Oil on Canvas. 1981

Artist Christian Staebler.Available. Price Negotiable. Size 21.3 x 15 in = 54 x 38 cm.

Living organisms are formulated in an impressive oil painting. All living organisms are in a constant exchange of energy and power. This artwork shows you a remarkable scenery of the creation of life, which is a continuous evolution.

Living Organism – Creation

It is essential to see that every entity can only exist because of the interaction of all organic matter. The future and past are the imaginations of your mind. The only relevant is the here and now, where all living forms are built. The matter formed is dissolved as soon it reaches its highest development.

I was there at the source of living Organism

It gives you the power to accept the constant change in the worlds and galaxies you inhabit. Whenever change comes never, you will be asked, so get the power of acceptance. Then later, judge whether to accept or not.
It is essential to get this power which tells you, sometimes the best to do is not to do…

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