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Oil on canvas and paintings. Global and good ideas. Two new ideas have a worldwide impact, already used in many countries. Art videos with stories and music. 3D animation and digital art. Paintings with sound effects and stories.

I show you distinct art, new ideas, and video art with stories. A visit to our site is beautiful and entertaining. Are you looking for the latest updates to our website? Then visit News.

Love Art Passion™ is an immersive adventure and experience opening the door to this beautiful, fascinating, and artistic new world. Enjoy your time, and go beyond space and time. Start now on a journey to the unknown and ever-revealing.

Exciting painting themes give you a window into the inside, contradiction, and depth in life. All artworks: Paintings, videos, music, ideas, and stories by artist Christian Staebler. Nickname Chris. Founder LoveArtPassion™, Switzerland. Read biography.

My oil paintings are on sale. These paintings show different art movements and captivating themes, painted on high-quality canvas. I will also sell ten NFTs of each of my artworks, but we have to wait first for an NFT market recovery. I won an art award in 1982 in Bern, Switzerland. My YouTube channel has 20K subscribers.

We are pleased to answer your inquiries, and I will tell you the price of my artwork. Contact us.


Global & Good Ideas. The Best Two

Ideas and art videos. Atmospheric music and unique artworks.

Important videos from our ideas library: 

  1. Stop insects. Call our method Staeblering. It prevents insects, rats, spiders, and snakes from entering your house. Seal the rooms of your house or hotel. No chemicals. Save lives and energy. The method is to prevent disease at home and on holidays. Easy, fast, cheap, durable, and effective. For a decade, it was tested with success. This idea was a CNN iReport.
  2. Hair system. Attach and remove a hair system (wig) in seconds. Use homemade tape, which sticks multiple times. Life-changing, easy, fast, and cheap. Preserve hair replacement for a decade and more. No cleaning. We have tested the method for a decade with success.

NFT’S. We Are Waiting for Market Recovery. Roadmap

As soon as there is a market recovery in NFTs. Launch of our NFT project, it explores new ways of doing and selling digital art. The public and groups can mint 10,000 pictures. Hand-drawn layers of eyes, nose, etc., get randomly mixed by a program so that each composed face looks excellent. Each artwork will cost about 300$. Keep updated by visiting our sites.

ListCryptos.com – Real-time Cryptocurrency Charts and Information

ListCryptos.com: Look up the performance of cryptocurrency and other additional information. Easy to use and well-designed.

LoveArtPassion.org – Software and Website Development. Android & IOS

LoveArtPassion.org We are thrilled to realize your project. Software, design, music, video, and logos are our strengths. We create customized content for you. Get in touch with us.

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Professional programmers from India with all the technical skills listed below are associated with us. We can ensure you quality work at a low rate.

IOS and Android Development. PHP, Python, JAVA, Swift, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, WebSockets, Socket.io, WebRTC, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, etc. We have framework professionals for Zend Framework, Django, and Codeigniter. CMS specialists for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and E-Commerce Magento. Artificial Intelligence.

SenseSet.com – Social Network

Our new social network, SenseSet, was delayed because of a limited financial situation. We will update you here soon about the development progress of SenseSet. Also, we would like to find a private investor or a capital venture to engage in our 80% accomplished social network. Are you interested? Then get in touch with us.