alien, footprint, beach, sea, sand, foot, extraterrestrial
Alien – Beach

Alien – beach. Oil on Canvas, 2004

Artist Christian Staebler. Available. Price Negotiable. Size 40.9 x 30.7 in = 104 x 78 cm.

We can’t see a supernatural footprint of an alien every day. It shows you the beach with a strange-looking footprint. All impressions printed in the sand are not forever. The footprint of the alien never faded.

Beach – Alien. The footprint or the Opposite Side of us

When the alien steps into the sand near the ocean, it leaves such an imprint. I was suddenly aware that my footprint on the beach was unusual. What had happened to me? So I took a picture with my camera. I was walking along a lonely beautiful beach when I met this girl; she looked so sexy, enlighted, and sublime.

She was a beautiful girl from another planet; she said everybody was collaborating there. There were no countries that changed thousands of years ago. This planet-wide collaboration accelerated their inventions to light-speed development. She said before the significant change in planet-wide partnership and no more wars, we as a  society were hindered in our achievements in science and social evolution.

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