Wig. On & Off in Seconds

Hair System Attachment and Removal in Seconds

Use multiple times the same tape, homemade, and take your time for positioning. Independent and cheap.

Stick the wig 6-12 times on the scalp before replacing the tape. This method was tested for years with success. Almost no glue clean up, super easy, no alcohol, and very skin-friendly. Preserves Hair System. Please reward us with comments, likes, and subscriptions for this time and money-saving method.

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Especially the method to stop insects, rats, etc., called “Staeblering.” 3.1 million views on YouTube. Save lives and energy; no chemicals. Prevention of Chagas, dengue, malaria, and other diseases. No chemicals. Seal your home from insects and crawling entities. Keep smog out of the apartment. Keep cool or hot air in the room. An idea that could transform the world. Simple, fast, cheap, and effective.

Below you see two shorter versions of the same video, with the essential knowledge, but you won’t get all tips and tricks that you will only get in the above full version video.

Attach and Remove Wig in Seconds

Independent, use your self-produced tape to stick Hair System 4-8 times on the scalp before replacing the tape. No cleaning of scalp and Hair Replacement after removing needed. Almost no cleaning at all. No use of alcohol, so you won’t need much conditioner, and the Hair System stays beautiful for a very long time and is nonstop ready to use. No longer wash Hair System frequently and no need for a big glue cleaning action. These positive factors work against hair loss and preserve wigs. With every hair-attaching method, you may lose some hair of your Hair System due to entanglement with tape or glue and hair knot weakness. Sooner or later, you will have to send your Hair System to your supplier for repair.

Enlightenment for Bald Men who like to have Hair

There are some limits to this method we will mention in a minute. Use the more robust attaching method suggested in other YouTube videos or by hair system suppliers for unique challenges. Of course, they are much messier, more time-consuming, and require much alcohol and extraordinary cleaning. The truth, it is terrible for a typical day’s use. That’s why most bald men abstain from using hair replacement. No other method can match up with the idea of LoveArtPassion.

Limits of our Method. Extreme Wind or Sweat

Some sports, diving, etc. Use hut on very windy days. Please do not sleep with the Hair System attached; it could move and entangle with tapes. It is much more relaxing and beautiful to sleep without any attached hair. To do sex with our hair-attaching method is alright. The only challenge is if the girl is on top and you are down because your head may move on the pillow and destabilize Hair System. Avoid somebody’s finger crawling through hair; they may detect the Hair System, and straight strokes are okay. Tell your partner that you are using a Hair System as soon as possible.

Because of your Hair System, you may look younger, more attractive, self-confident, happy, and satisfied when you are no longer bald. We love you to spread our video with our unique hair-attaching method.

We are experts in using tape for new purposes. We solved your hair-attaching problem once and for all. We do not receive any incentives from companies we show products. Please Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Thank you.

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