Stop Insect. No Chemical. EN

Stop Insects and Rats. No Chemicals

The method Staeblering has 3.1 million views on YouTube. Save lives. Prevent diseases. Save energy. Prevent dust and smog inside the house at almost zero cost. Employ it against rats, lizards, snakes, spiders, and cockroaches.

Exception: Does not stop Termites.

Advanced Staeblering focuses on stopping rats, snakes, lizards, etc., and it’s helpful when there is a significant gap under the door.

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Seal Home and Doors from Insects. Save Energy. Fast, Cheap, Effective, and Easy

Call our method Staeblering. Staeblering means conserving energy. Health care. Counter Chagas disease. Life-saving measures. Save billions of dollars. Watch the best ideas to counter deadly diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Chagas, etc. Salvage money on health care. Reduce electric consumption of air-con and heater by sealing rooms. Protects food stocks.

Avoid Insecticides and a Good Dust and Smog Protection

Staeblering uses scotch tape (Advanced Staeblering uses steel or plastic screen & scotch tape). Adjust the tape color to the door, or use transparent duct tape. Initially, if tape sticks on the ground, spread a little of any powder on the floor. So the powder will stick on tape, and the tape won’t stick anymore on the ground and glide over. Seal tiny gaps with glue and cables entering the house with a mix of glue and newspaper (Pappmache).

Every water line out of the house must include a siphon (J, U, S curved tube). An S-shaped tube prevents sewer gases from exiting the pipe and keeps intruders away.

The diversity of applications of Staeblering and the fact that it is cheap and quickly installed make this idea an ultimate discovery for the benefit of humanity.

Repair mosquito net and screens, watch Specialized Staeblering.

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