Sky-Dome - Conjunction. Oil Painting 2000. Christian Staebler, LoveArtPassion. Mesmerizing blue sky-dome artwork shows you a Buddhist temple in conjunction with Mercury and Jupiter.
Sky-Dome – Conjunction

Sky-Dome – Conjunction. Oil on Canvas, 2000

Artist Christian Staebler.Available, Price Negotiable. Size 53.9 x 34.2 in = 137 x 87 cm.

This mesmerizing blue skydome artwork shows you a Buddhist temple in conjunction with Mercury and Jupiter. Watching this constellation brings you peace and freedom. Your mind goes blue and feels sincerity, wisdom, trust, serenity, devotion, and intelligence.

Conjunction – Sky-Dome

Temple: “Me, I gave up my religion. I was built here in front of a sacred white-in-blue cosmic space. Times ago, I was built for a particular religion that I had inherited. It was when Jupiter was the tangent of Mercury, and in conjunction with the white temple, the whole world was also aiming for the celebration house. It was a time of peace and freedom. I was free of religion, so everyone came inside me to celebrate life and death. I am a building, but I am also built deep in your heart and mind.”

Blue White Radiating into a Transparent Spheric

Blue has a relaxing effect on the mind and body. The vibration length is like when you are in a good mood and satisfied. The planet Jupiter stands for good fortune, and Mercury is the messenger. Meaning good news is on the way. Perhaps immaterial things, deep sights in your inner behaviors, trips on the blue ocean, and feeling one with the sky and universe are broken free. A beautiful painting with all the powers of blue radiation and transcendence. It lets you drift away first with some thoughts and sorrows; later, you feel the effects of the picture and feel free.

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