Secrets - Atlantis. Oil Painting by Christian Staebler, Founder LoveArtPassion. Women nudes under the attack of ants. Rose garden and the eye in the Pyramid, the Symbol of Atlantis. The dolphins are playing.
Secrets – Atlantis

Secrets – Atlantis. Oil on Canvas, 2011

Artist Christian Staebler. Available. Price Negotiable. Size 61 x 78.7 in = 155 x 200 cm.

Secrets is an oil painting of two women’s nudes, one is under the attack of ants, and the other girl waits for the ship to take her out of this desperate situation. All that happens in a rose garden, where you can see the eye in the Pyramid, the Symbol of Atlantis. Dolphins are playing in the ocean, not concerned about human tragedy.

Secrets of Atlantis a woman nude.

Ants, rose garden, and the secret of the one-dollar Pyramid. The hyper-mirrors were activated, and all the colors radiated. I called my girlfriend; she was standing in the rose garden. Anyway, many things were changing, I thought, and I noticed the ants everywhere, even creeping up her leg. The ants were eating anything these days. Still, we had the dauphins, which could rescue us from sinking Atlantis and bring us to the other world.

The secret of utter destruction

The first impression of this painting is very innocent, but as the story goes, it results in ants attacking every life form and dissolving even matter. All that leads to the fall of Atlantis. The world became increasingly transparent, just eaten up by ants. Ultimately hallow was the world and also the mind of this super society. She was reminding us of our doom.

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