Meetings - Chapati Beach. Oil Painting 2019, Christian Staebler, LoveArtPassion. Chapati Beach Mumbai, India. Shadow silhouettes of people, animals, and skyscrapers.
Meetings – Chapati Beach

Meetings – Chapati Beach. Oil Painting, 2020

Artist Christian Staebler. Artwork is available. Price Negotiable. Size 47 x 23 in = 119.5 x 58.5 cm. Oil on canvas.

This photorealistic oil painting shows a sunset at Chapati Beach, Mumbai, India. Chapati Beach is a favorite meeting place. The dark silhouette of gathering people and buildings contrasts with the beautiful sunset colors of the sky and ocean.

Chapati Beach – Meetings

Chapati Beach, Mumbai, India, is where we met. Everybody saw the omen of the magnificent sunset, which only occurs once in a lifetime. The prophecy meant that we would meet again.

Shadows in the Sunset

It is always beautiful and essential that we have places to meet in town or a village, it brings people together, and ideas, art, and parties will follow. Having a place to meet yourself at a beach with a magical sunset is essential. Then only by completing you in silence will you know.

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