Organic - Blue Desert. Oil Painting 2011, Christian Staebler, LoveArtPassion. Desert shapes in blue and magenta float to the horizon.
Organic – Blue Desert

Organic – Blue Desert. Oil on Canvas. 2011

Artist Christian Staebler.Available, Price Negotiable. Size 43.3 x 53.9 in = 110 x 137 cm.

This oil painting shows you a variation of desert shapes in Magenta and Blue. Very seldom can we encounter these colors in the desert? We don’t see the oasis and Fata Morgana, but we know they are here in this enchanted desert.

Blue Desert – Organic

Organic, it floats as a living spirit between my eyes and through my body. It even influences my mind and emotion. Sitting on the edge of the desert during a Morocco trip, I saw the organic shapes of the desert building up. From whatever you are made of, I admire your figures and colors. I never saw it again in the moonlight, which reminded me of your name, smell, and touch. I know precisely that you are on the other end of the desert. It will only take a few steps if I succeed in a quantum jump. If not, I will have months to walk, and I might die if I do not reach the oasis you are.

Organic, its Intelligence is not Matched

Organic finds endless shapes on earth in the universe and beyond in parallel universes. In this painting, you see that under the ground, the organic parts of the world’s surface continue deep into the inner layers of the planet as forms, vibrations, and colors. It is the same with us. Our inner layers can go deep as forms, vibrations, and colors, so when you reach profound, you get nameless, and without baggage walking to the oasis in the desert is easier.

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