Love Together

Love Together - Paris. Oil Painting 2018, Christian Staebler. Two pigeons fly to the center of a rose in the universe. Standing as a rocket is the Eifel tower.
Love Together – Paris

Love Together – Paris. Oil Painting, 2018

Artist Christian Staebler. Artwork is available. Price Negotiable. Size 37 x 47.5 in = 94 x 121 cm. Oil on canvas.

The oil painting shows “You and Me” in love, flying to infinite possibilities. You also see the Eifel tower in Paris, which is simultaneously a rocket aimed at the rose nebula in the Orion.

Paris – Love Together

Love together bears unimaginable joy and pain. Laughter and tears. Could it be that our love for a human is a faint reflection of what love of life means? At last, everything penetrates the rose nebula with love. So do not worry or fear.

Flying in the Center of a Rose Petal

In love, you risk all; you are flying to the center of a rose twirl. Later, you may think: “Was it just an illusion? This prickling energy, where is it coming from, and where does it go? How could it be reactivated?” It remains a question that is hard to answer and, on some occasions, may bother us for some time. We think we can’t reach this energy level anymore. Plunging you in depression, don’t let that happen. These are just superficial thoughts and emotions that are overwhelming you.

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