Lights of the Earth

Lights of the Earth - Observed, Oil Painting 2019, Chris Staebler. Earth is shown from orbit
Lights of the Earth – Observed

Lights of the Earth – Observed. Oil Painting, 2019

Artist Christian Staebler. Nickname Chris. This artwork is available. Price Negotiable. Size 47.4 x 44.5 in = 120 x 113 cm. Oil on canvas.

This fine art painting shows the world from an orbital view. We see the many lights of European towns plunged into the night and much fewer lights in Africa. The elf of the sky is observing Earth and humankind from her orbital station with her friend, the cosmic snake. Simultaneously we get watched and taught the truth by the dreaming face.

Observed – Lights of the Earth

When the Earth’s lights shine, you may see the orbital station appear like a bright star. Then you know that the elf of the sky is observing the Earth. Elves are supernatural beings and live for the beauty and joy of life. Also, they are shy but feel compelled to help humans because our origins are the same; we have the same ancestors.

The Knowledge of the Dreaming Face

The elves know that humans live in a world of contradictions, with immense beauty and cruelty. Once in a while, if things turn terrible and war and destruction loom, the elf may intervene in the human affair. Then she will send her cosmic snake to take out the growing evil forces or transcend them with the dreaming face. Any negative power cannot withstand looking in the eyes of the dreaming face; it will transform negative into positive energies.

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