Fried Eggs


Fried Eggs, ants on the egg,
Fried Eggs – Mirror Wall Ants

Fried Eggs – Mirror Wall Ants. Oil on Canvas, 2007.

Artist Christian Staebler.Available, Price Negotiable. Size 50.4 x 30.7 in = 128 x 78 cm.

Fried Eggs with ants, in an extra exceptional dimension, projected on a mirror wall. See the picture and the harmony in color and forms.

Mirror Wall Ants – Fried Eggs

Many years ago, fife-fried eggs appeared in a newly constructed dimension right in front of the king, who was looking in his shiny wall mirror. His women cooked fried eggs again.
Then the king asked his women what was first the chicken, the egg, or the question about.

Fife-Fried Eggs and Ants Appear in a Newly Revealed Dimension

Mostly it comes out of nowhere without any alarm. Suddenly, an extra exceptional dimension can appear on a mirror wall. Then I was back in time; I remembered I was the king of the rock. My slender girls were cooking a meal. When I asked, they were laughing – Fried egg with ants, my king.

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