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Iceberg – Blue

Iceberg – Blue. Oil Painting, 2021

Artist Christian Staebler. Artwork is available. Price Negotiable. Size 41.5 x 47.3 in = 105.5 x 120 cm. Oil on canvas.

The image shows a floating iceberg drifting in unknown waters, with the full moon shining a magical light on the iceberg and the surrounding ocean. The blue phosphorus light turns the iceberg into a blue diamond, and the waves catch this blue color and mix it with the moonlight.

Blue – Iceberg

The blue phosphorus light is turning the iceberg into a blue diamond. It was also called the ever-lasting iceberg. Due to climate change, it was the only surviving iceberg, and all the glaciers were already gone. People said aliens and good rebels lived inside this iceberg, which was hollow and full of technology. The iceberg blue diamond would be the last stand against the evil powers taking over the world. The sight of the iceberg always led the people to meditate until the phosphorus blue color diamond deep reached their hearts and spirit.

Blue makes you Feel Light, and it Brings the Ocean Waves

Never will you feel down if you contemplate this blue picture. A full moon shine lights the beautiful gradient of blues. A true harmony and feeling of freedom take hold in you.

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