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I show you distinct art, new ideas, video art, and stories. A visit to our site is beautiful and entertaining.

Check out our excellent and valuable ideas. LoveArtPassion.

Especially the method to stop insects, rats, etc., called “Staeblering.” 3.1 million views on YouTube. Save lives and energy; no chemicals. Prevention of Chagas, dengue, malaria, and other diseases. No chemicals. Seal your home from insects and crawling entities. Keep smog out of the apartment. Keep cool or hot air in the room. An idea that could transform the world. Simple, fast, cheap, and effective.

LoveArtPassion – Oil Paintings, Ideas, Videos, Music & Stories

Oil on canvas and paintings. Global and good ideas. Two new ideas have a worldwide impact, already used in many countries. Art videos with stories and music. 3D animation and digital art. Paintings with sound effects.

Love Art Passion™ is an immersive adventure and experience opening the door to this beautiful and fascinating artistic new world. Enjoy your time, and go beyond space and time. Start now on a journey to the unknown and ever-revealing.

Exciting themes in the paintings give you a window to the inside, contradiction, and deepness in life. All artworks and notions: Paintings, videos, music, ideas, and stories by artist Christian Staebler. Nickname Chris. Founder LoveArtPassion™, Switzerland. Read biography.

LoveArtPassion – Oil Paintings on Sale

My oil paintings are on sale. These paintings show different art movements and captivating themes, painted on high-quality canvas. I also will sell ten NFTs of each of my artworks, coming soon in 2023. I won an art award in 1982 in Bern, Switzerland. My YouTube has 21K subscribers.

We are pleased to answer your inquiries, and I will tell you the price of my artwork.

We sell beautiful, interesting oil paintings made by artist Christian Staebler. Founder LoveArtPassion™, Switzerland. Read the Biography –  Contact us.