Air-Conditioning. Cold Draft

Installation Air-condition. Health. Avoid Cold Draft

Every air-conditioning unit produces a cold draft, affecting your health badly.

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Idea “Re” Air-conditioning. Avoid cold Drafts; it is Easy and Low-cost

As soon as room temperature gets above-dialed room temperature, cooling with around 18-celsius starts to come out of the air-conditioning unit until the programmed temperature is reached again. That could be causing health hazards. Cold draft leads to local cooling of the body. Especially when you are asleep and not moving, children and the elderly are significantly affected by it.

Air-conditioning, Factors Contributing to an Unhealthy Environment

This reduces your immune system’s capability and increases the likeliness of getting viral infections. The result of the cold draft is that you may suffer from rheumatism, arthritis, and many other sicks, get more likely in your life.
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