Visual Art. Dreams & Reality

Dreams and Reality – Oil on Canvas

Captivating paintings and designs in various themes and art movements: photorealism, surrealism, phantasy, symbolism, etc.

Discover Modern Art. Stunning Colors and Untamed Harmonies

The finest paintings, designs, and ideas show love and passion for art, color, fantasy, and the world. New ideas and techniques will constantly surprise and inspire you.

Check out the Incredible and Practical Ideas of LoveArtPassion

Especially the method to stop insects, rats, etc., called Staeblering. 3.1 million views on YouTube. Save lives and energy; no chemicals. Prevention of Chagas, dengue, malaria, and other diseases. No chemicals. Seal your home from insects and crawling entities. Keep smog out of the apartment. Keep cool or hot air in the room. An idea that could transform the world. Simple, fast, cheap, and effective.

We sell beautiful, interesting oil paintings made by artist Christian Staebler. Founder LoveArtPassion™, Switzerland. Read the Biography –  Contact us.