Spiral of Life

Spiral of Life - DNA. Oil Painting 2012. Artist Christian Staebler, LoveArtPassion. Two pigeons fly to the center of a rose in the universe. Standing as a rocket is the Eifel tower.
Spiral of Life – DNA

Spiral of Life – DNA. Oil on Canvas, 2012

Artist Christian Staebler. Available. Price Negotiable. Size 43.3 x 55.1 in = 110 x 140 cm.

Spiral of life or DNA is a beautiful painting in oil. You see, the life snake called DNA is winding up around the skull to reach a gorgeous young girl. The image is an experience of life and death, with Jupiter in the background. The DNA structure of all life is revealed.

DNA – Spiral of Life

Skull and woman mirror the life changes, as spring and winter mirror the years. The skull flies over the lost valley located in front of Jupiter. The cosmic snake winds his body, which is the DNA of life, and makes friends with the girl. Lei, the beautiful girl, has no fear of contemplating the snake. She feels that it is her friend who started the never-ending evolution.

The exact structure of DNA

The data exists in the mounting of a parallel universe in the center of an electrosphere over a wormhole, then over the edge. We all are going the path of the DNA structure. Where might it lead us in the constant evolution of all life on earth and beyond? We will travel far beyond our known universe through new techniques and sciences until the never-ending DNA is unveiled and recreated, and at the same time, we travel inside.

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