The Elephant Named Pharao, Finds Pyramids, his Ancesters Built
Pharao – The Guardian

Pharao – The Guardian. Oil on Canvas. 2003

Artist Christian Staebler. Available. Price Negotiable. Size 39 x 31.1 in = 99 x 79 cm.

Pharaoh, the elephant, is searching for his ancestors next to the pyramids and sphinx of Gizeh. Under the ground, you see a lava field that forms small pyramids. As they progress, they will eventually grow into tall monuments.

The Guardian – Pharaoh

The elephant named Pharaoh keeps guard by the pyramids his ancestors built. Every time the sun sets, everything gets golden, and you will hear from far, quickly approaching the heavy footstep of Pharaoh. Then he will walk over the goldfield of lava and greet the sphinx.

a ghost elephant

Pharaoh just escaped from inside a pyramid. Now free, he runs over the plains and cannot be stopped by anyone or anything. That is the power that lies deep inside of you when you free yourself.

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