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Inside – Resuscitating Machine

Inside – Resuscitating Machine. Oil on Canvas, 2012

Artist Christian Staebler. Available. Price Negotiable. Size 70 x 51.6 in = 178 x 131 cm.

Inside is a challenging, high-quality oil painting. The arm gets inside the eye; it is just amazing inside the world of a human without skin. His nervous system is unveiled and connected to the resuscitating machine.

Resuscitating Machine – Inside

Inside the eye with the arm stuck through. Naked, without skin, we are so vulnerable; the trees act here as the nervous system of the resuscitating robot, and the glow in the sky will activate the procedure. The eye shows you the world made up of your brain. Do not forget that; I thought when I looked in the mirror. You always only see what your brain suggests to you.

Deep, Deep Inside, we have to go to Escape the Superficial Skin

Sometimes I go inside myself and lose myself in desires; sometimes, I go inside myself and see through the eye. Then I am inside the eye, which uncovers what’s beyond the skin. Then inside, we still imagine that we could get back outside and bring the earned knowledge and wisdom with us. You always wish to escape the brain’s suggested reality from conditioning; it could be negligent but try to run. Finally free again, but it is just a dream hopeless we never escape; it is just a daydream repeating itself, but over time, you may find the other eye in the depth of you. What are you talking about? I was trying to escape from the inside, but please do not tell it to anyone, not to the big brother, and more importantly, do not tell the eyes. I whispered to my perhaps sub or over consciousness. Whatever you do in the subsequent years, don’t miss the ample opportunity to go more inside than ever; only there might be love and revelations.

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