Flower of the Heart

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Flower of the Heart – Light Amplifier

Flower of the Heart – Light Amplifier. Oil on Canvas, 2003

Artist Christian Staebler. Sold. Size 39.8 x 45.7 in = 101 x 116 cm.

The heart flower is the seat of feelings; deep inside, the flower blossoms. The number of petals of this magical flower is endless. Let this inspirational artwork inspire your quest to bring light to your heart. You see a light amplifier in action. It sends waves of light and sound, which activate healing and conducts water and dark matter to the living petals of your chakra.

Light Amplifier – Flower of the Heart

When you lay relaxed, go deep inside yourself, experience your heart, feel the beat, and see the light beams coming out of the light amplifier. Now is the phase the rays envelop you. Now you float on the vibrations of the heart chakra.
How many times did my heart gets hurt in this sometimes cruel world? Then, I have to go there – in my heart, to regain my energy and consciousness.
Look at the picture to appreciate how your mind travels to the center of the bright flower to experience new adventures beyond space and time.

The heart flower stays on its cosmic stalks

I am one of the seldom flowers to have escaped the narrow boundaries of the world. I reached for the sky and was accepted. Then I went beyond time, space and imagination.
Now, after reaching beyond, I come back into your heart; I am your heart chakra, and if you concentrate, it is easy to see and feel me through your senses. Deep inside of you, I blossom. I am the magical flower that eases your pain and brings joy.

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