Zebra. Mountain Matterhorn

Zebra – Matterhorn National Park. Oil on Canvas, 2007

Artist Christian Staebler. Available. Price Negotiable. Size 55.1 x 38.6 in = 140 x 98 cm.

Zebra is a unique, beautiful photorealistic painting that points to a profound concern about climate change. Giraffes and Zebras are enjoying the fresh air in the alps of Switzerland. It is also an homage to the Matterhorn, a tremendous swiss mountain that towers to the sky.

View the oil painting Zebra – Matterhorn National Park.

Matterhorn National Park – Zebra

Climate change made it possible – Now in the Alps of Switzerland. What you never saw before…and won’t see again… Again LoveArtPassion, I thought; this idea to settle African animals below the Matterhorn was partially initiated by an oil painting by Chris Staebler, Founder of Love Art Passion. Today, they had forgotten to paint a part of the mountain white, as seldom this happens in Switzerland, known for its punctuality. All snow nowadays has gone from many mountains; much work is needed.

Landmasses are Lost to Rising Sea Levels

Humanity is sheltering in the mountains worldwide, and we started to move animals to higher grounds. So the propaganda is still to take higher risks and cause harm to the environment. Considering growth that only profits rich people, we conclude a further good economy in this year 3030.

Before our World may Disappear

Zebra 1: “I must say, I had enough to stay here in Africa; before, the looks on Kilimanjaro were more beautiful. My ancestors told me that before, Kilimanjaro was white on top. It is still lovely but black and has no painters, as they have in Switzerland. These daily poacher attacks, lack of water, and no girls are terrible. We are dying out as a race.”

Zebra 2: “Here in Swiss, at least we have girls of the state Zoo, they paint the mountains white, and I heard everybody is safe in Switzerland. I especially like that they play their Alphorn instrument for us; it is an old tradition to welcome guests.

Story by Chris Staebler, Founder LoveArtPassion.

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