Water Element

Element Water – Transformation Of Water into Light. Oil on Canvas, 2007

Artist Christian Staebler. Available. Price Negotiable. Size 47.6 x 47.6 in = 121 x 121 cm.

Waves, on the surface of the water, you see rainbow colors. The element water is a very transparent image that radiates the color and nature of waves and light. A painting of nature that reflects the vibration and rays of the sun in the water.

View the oil painting Element Water – Transformation Of Water into Light.

Transformation Of Water into Light – Element Water

The transformation of a wave in energy. The lock is a flower of the water. She bears immense beauty and power.

Lights get broken in the wave, which functions as a vast prism. Flow, like water, does not give resistance; this may be the secret of life.

Life and Water are Deeply Related

We came out of the water literally, out of the ocean, and our bodies are made of more than half of the essentials, which is water. The power of water is cleaning, healing, and purifying; the spirit, mind, and body. High is water’s power when the prism’s colors get unveiled. It only happens on certain days when you see the glittering of colors like the scales of a paradise fish. Then swim there in the waves and heal in the infinite colors of powers. The mixture of life essence was assembled in water billions of years ago. There all began. Anyway, all was done simultaneously from the big bang to now; time and space are just daydreams.

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