Time Space

Space-Time – Wormhole. Oil on Canvas, 2010

Artist Christian Staebler. Available. Price Negotiable. Size 43.3 x 50 in = 110 x 127 cm.

Time-space is a vision of a wormhole. The abstract concept of vanishing time and space, equal to the world, in a wormhole.

View the oil painting Space-Time – Wormhole.

Wormhole – Space-Time

In the spirals of blue and white, time and matter vanished. Enter the time machine.
Experience with the jump into the picture, which is a wormhole. . . You may go here or there; you always take yourself on the trip.

When Space-Time Vanishe’s, it is Bizarre; you will Remain

You can exist without matter at this very moment. So plunge into the wormhole on the crazy trip you are always living; to find yourself. Why are you running so fast…?

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