Element Earth

Element Earth – Mother Earth. Oil on Canvas, 2006

Artist Christian Staebler. Available. Price Negotiable. Size 46 x 31.5 in = 117 x 80 cm.

Mother of humanity and creator of all living things. Mother Earth is an impressive oil painting. The element earth is the mother of humanity. The world is giving birth to the cosmic fetus. A pregnant world creates all variations of life.

View the oil painting Element Earth – Mother Earth.

Mother Earth – Element Earth

Our earth is a living organism. Mother Earth with fetus in the universe. Realize we all came from there or was it just our body? Then consciousness is unlimited through time and space.

The Act of Being Born

What was born? Matter creates matter, so our body was made when we were born, but the spirit existed forever. We are more made of energy than matter; our problem is that we are materialistic. That is why we cannot recognize our origin. Of course, if we go to that desert, we won’t see the beautiful source within us.

As in Your Dreamless State at Night OM

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