Lighthouse – Light, and Shadow. Oil on Canvas. 1999

Artist Christian Staebler.Available. Price Negotiable. Size 53.1 x 26 in = 135 x 66 cm.

This artwork shows you a lighthouse in Kovalam, India. The exceptional light of the tower beams on the ocean and creates a beautiful light and shadow pattern. The waves wildly slash the coast. Momentary light flares of movements over the sea. Oil on Canvas painted on the sand.

View the oil painting Lighthouse – Light and Shadow.

Light and Shadow – Lighthouse

The sea might be wild and lead you toward unknown shores. You will find here what you never expected. You will find yourself. “My light shines for you and will save you from the world’s demons and the relentless waves. Even if all lights go out, I light you from here; I am standing on the rock and inside your heart.”

Lost at Sea or in your Mind

Then turn your path to the Lighthouse. After focusing on the light of the Lighthouse deep in you, it will guide you at lightspeed, bringing you back to your roots.

In the middle of the ocean of life. There where light and shadow meet in a never-ending embrace and eternal dance. There, where the wind speaks words of fear and joy, stands the Lighthouse in the midst of the crashing waves of your emotions. I will guide you through darkness and despair. I shine in your way while you are dancing, singing, making love, and enjoying the day. I guide you in your meditation and spiritual transformation. I am the Light; I am You, moving at light speed through space to new risings only Your Light can recognize and understand. I am the Light – I am You.

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