Indian Love

Indian Love – Indian Rupees In Space. Oil on Canvas, 2004

Artist Christian Staebler.Available. Price Negotiable. Size 47.2 x 66.5 in = 120 x 169 cm.

A Yellow rose in the universe, the oil painting called Indian Love. It shows the life of a rose that grew in the universe. The frame is a patchwork of painted old rupees from India.

View the oil painting Indian Love – Indian Rupees In Space.

Indian Rupees in Space – Indian Love

Do you like to keep me as a yellow flower in your love heart and live with me forever? Two heads are left and right, observing the peacock and the forming of the yellow rose out of the stars.

I gave you the Rose as a Sign of my Love

Long ago in the country of India. “Would you like to keep me a yellow-colored flower in your heart she asked?” The moment she spoke was so intense that we heard the fire of the universe. The sky above seemed to open, and the yellow rose was emerging out of the cosmic fires.
India is a place with unique feelings and exciting people. Mahatma Gandhi and many other outstanding people were born here. Also, it is a place of art and music.

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