The Eye

Eye – Quantum. Oil on Canvas, 2009

Artist Christian Staebler. Available. Price Negotiable. Size 72.8 x 39.4 in = 185 x 100 cm.

This oil painting shows you an eye with its offspring. The small children’s eyes are pressed out of the mother’s eye. An elephant and a woman are taking part in this squeezing process. There is a gaming table and clock, which will ring once the contest is over.

View the oil painting Eye – Quantum.

Quantum – Eye

I just left the table where I played with the bottle, the girl, and the elephant. I stood up and plunged into the black pupil, where all knowledge is available. This eye looks at you, me, and the whole world. Is it the so cold big eye watching you? Now the clock starts to ring, the contest is over, and I am back from the quantum jump.

Table with my Quantum Space Toys

Every time I change the constellation of my space toys, the image’s scenery changes. Be aware that the small eyes watch the small things you do every moment, and the big eye sees through your heart and beyond. Please focus on the third eye; it brings you a true vision of things and thoughts. Look at the big eye and imagine the mirroring of it between your eyes.

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