Blood Drop

Blood Drop – Suffering. Oil on Canvas, 2010

Artist Christian Staebler. Available. Price Negotiable. Size 63 x 56.3 in = 160 x 143 cm.

You see a suffering woman on canes in a dark landscape. Blood Drop is the suffering of humans. The artwork reminds me of a museum painting. The picture gives you a vision of pain and despair.

View the thrilling oil painting Blood Drop.

Suffering – Blood Drop

Was she coming out of a bizarre dream? Suddenly she stood next to me in these dark magical woods. I was not afraid I saw she was losing blood. Would she be accepted?

Even if despair strikes you, do not give up

Live another day; it might subside. Reach out to the suffering world. 

And if there is no way out? What would I do? It is tough to find answers. You can only find explanations deep inside you, answers without words. Words and thoughts are like us, just temporary manifestations of the energy which is ever hyper penetrant in its dark matter.

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