Air Element

Element Air – Wind. Oil on Canvas, 2006

Artist Christian Staebler. Available. Price Negotiable. Size 36.6 x 27.5 in = 93 x 70 cm.

This oil painting shows you a breeze in a landscape of perfection. Air element creates water in a lake with the help of the tree of wisdom and its scarf.

air and a Flying Scarf, a lake gets created

The wind in her hair made her look so beautiful; at this instant in her life, she personified the element of air, and she dissolved in my dreams. Air, that’s why we have sound and music. In space, everything falls silent, like in your dreamless stages at night.

View the oil painting Element Air creates Water.

Dreamless stages. Is it our Reality?

Air keeps these ever-changing and never-lasting forms of the world alive. Every night we experience it, and never in any way do we have the slightest glimpse of where we have been. Have we not just walked at this magical lake of no return, blown away by air?

Wind – Element Air

As the cloth flies on the tree of wisdom, the air engulfed in the metaphysical scarf creates a lake. On its shoreline, the wind which has rushed over the water hits element earth and heats it. A magnificent vibration gets struck by all the elements; it’s the musical scale of nature.

Nature is my Nature

Today I will be far, far from you and near to me. I will sit under the mystical tree on the lake and contemplate, listening to all vibrations and sounds of nature. Then I will be reminded of the purity within me and all obstructing clouds in the clear light of my spirit. We always have to take our time in nature; even if you are far, it will bring you back to you, and you may feel love, not to another person but sublime love for nature’s creation. Especially when the scarf flies and the water is created.

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