Soon to be unveiled in 2023, NFTs of a larger project will be sold, helped by LoveArtPassion. Then later, NFTs of the artwork of Christian Staebler, founder LoveArtPassion will also be available.

Coming soon, perhaps in 2023. I will sell ten NFTs of each of my existing artworks. Here you can see all the oil paintings and designs used for NFTs. It will enable the public to own an NFT of original fine art by Christian Staebler, founder of™ from Switzerland; my nickname is Chris. I […]

Soon to Launch in 2023. NFT Project My work was the artistic part of this meme opportunity, making all the 137 layers that trigger the different looks of our figure. We explore new ways of doing and selling high-quality digital art. The public and groups will have the possibility to mint 10 000 pictures. Hand-drawn […]